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Year: 2013, 2014. Project executed while working at Lava.

about the client

A joint-venture with one of the technical partners of Lava to create a new online design service.

about the project

Brenda helps communication managers to distribute their visual identity systems and work together with suppliers. The system has a flexible but clear structure that helps designers to document their design decisions, basically an online manual. This way clients can collaborate with their (design) suppliers much more easily. A few benefits:

  • It is much easier to update your identity manual. Brand managers can also update it themselves.
  • Less time and resources are lost compared with the distribution and re-prints of printed manuals.
  • Digital assets like logo's or templates can be connected to the instructions.

My role

Brenda is my idea, I’ve succesfully pitched it, created the structure and base designs and worked together with the programmers from the tech partner to get it online. Together with the account people at Lava it is now sold together with every major identity that Lava delivers, including KRO-NCRV, Museum van Wereldculturen, Diabetes Fonds and so on.


The project is expected to go live fall 2015.

Humanitas using Brenda

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Description to the image

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