website + electronic learning environment

Year: 2012, 2013. Project executed while working at Lava.

about the client

In 2012 Utrecht University Medical Center (UMC Utrecht), the University of Utrecht and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht founded an initiative to offer their courses online.

about the project

The founding partners envisioned an organisation that makes academic healthcare knowledge available to healthcare professionals around the globe. Similar to what we now call a MOOC but with additional requirements:

  • A unique digital learning experience that matched the blended learning philosophy of the UMCU educational experts.
  • A brandname and visual identity to help build the brand online
  • A public website that helps people find courses and get inspired by previous participants

My role

I’ve guided the project from the initial naming/digital strategy part to the design research phase, prototyping, visual design of the website and all interfaces. I also created the wireframe prototype that captured the key layouts and interactions of the ELV. During the building part of the project I worked closely with three technical parties involved. Of course all of this within a team of multiple designers and project managers.


The project was launched during the World Design Forum 2012 in Eindhoven.


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