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Year: 2013. Project executed while working at Lava.

about the client

Human is a broadcaster within the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system. It is known for its sharp, distinctive programmes and documentaries.

about the project

Due to the upcoming cutback in public broadcasting in 2014 they had to prove their right to exist by convincing at least 50,000 people to support their organisation. Our brief was to design a campaign that would raise enough attention to reach this goal. Together with the campaign team we created the campaign “Investeer in Human” which invites people to make an investment in the creation of high quality content. Elements within this project:

  • Design of a flexible campaign website concept that could be applied to multiple sub campaigns
  • campaign backbone website that brought all initiatives together while providing room for all people at Human to engage with their audiences
  • Email forwarding campaign inviting member to invite their closest friends
  • Social media integrations and sharing optimizations

My role

Together with the other campaign team designers I’ve created a set of campaign websites that were supported by other campaign materials and initiatives. I worked closely with the Human campaign agency and the tech people to ensure that our ideas were implemented as designed.


With 80,000 new members, well above the required 50,000 signing up for a membership, the campaign proved to be a huge success. Human will be an official Dutch broadcaster as part of the Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO) system as of January 13th, 2015 :-)

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