Project Moore


Year: 2015. Project executed while working at Lava.

about the client

Project Moore is an Amsterdam based law firm specialising in it-law and privacy. Since legislation has a hard time keeping up with technological innovations the team of Project Moore focuses primarily on IT related projects like the minimising of privacy risks or the untangling of IT related contract disputes.

about the project

Elements within this project:

  • Strategic reordering, labeling and clustering of information in order to create a solid content structure that forms the skeleton of the new website
  • Art direction of case study photography
  • Use the current visual identity principles and apply or tranform them in such a way that the idea stays intact but it works digitally
  • Art direction of illustrations that are used to illustrate key elements of case studies

My role

I've lead the design team that created the new online concept and design for the Project Moore website. We worked together with an external tech partner to bring it to life.

Homepage lay-out on smartphones and tablets
Case concept lay-out on desktop resolutions.

Overview of projects