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Year: 2012, 2013. Project executed while working at Lava.

about the client

Spoorbeeld is a on-line document, created by Bureau Spoorbouwmeester, that outlines the design policies of Dutch Railway’s infrastructure from the perspective of the traveler and provides legal guidance to both government and the private sectors.

about the project

Spoorbeeld is a widely used document and therefor is the major ‘product’ of Bureau Spoorbouwmeester. Next to its contents and functionalities it offers it should also represent the vision of the institute. So this project consisted out of two major parts:

  • The creation of a visual identity system that could capture the vision and that was also applicable on print media
  • The design of a completely revised version of the document, using the internet

While the original printed edition needed to be updated continuously by sending out additions, the new Spoorbeeld is now up-to-date, always.

My role

Together with another UX designer we worked through a massive amount of addendums, and previous versions of the ‘Spoorbeeld’ in order to come up with a clear navigation system and document structure. We did this using an experimental method handcoding the sections in html while sharing and updating them with our clients. This proved to be an effective way of moving forward. Together with the front-end programmer we managed to create a very user friendly and scalable publication.


We also designed a special style sheet which makes the entire website printable on any personal printer, using as little paper as possible. I also created a little explanimation that tells the story of the new Spoorbeeld.


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HTML-ized omnigraffle prototype
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Content production

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