mobile news concept

Year: 2014, 2015. Project executed while working at Lava.

about the client

Wegener is the largest publisher of regional newspapers, free newspapers and special interest magazines in the Netherlands and also deals with internet products and graphical products. It was founded in 1903.

about the project

Wegener wanted four things:

  • Concepts & Scenarios to envision the future of news reading
  • A digital concept prototype to test it among target audiences

My role

I’ve worked with a small team on the creation of a strategic document holding four news concepts. Next we proceeded to detail the interactive experience in one of the concepts that was tested together with an external testing agency selected by Wegener. All of this within a team consisting of two interactive designers and a project manager.


Wegener was acquired by Persgroep in the meantime and many projects including this one were either merged or cancelled :(

Description to the image
Description to the image

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